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Notes Sustain

Working towards becoming a more sustainable company is not a choice – it’s simply a requirement for all of us. We believe that it’s the only thing to do and we are working towards this objective with the purest intentions. But we are not there yet.

Not everything that we want to do is possible yet. There is a huge - justified - focus on the fashion industry as a climate sinner. Luckily for us, it’s the key factor in driving the development of new sustainable fabrics and processes forward at unprecedented speed.

Becoming sustainable is a step-by-step process. And, if we push ourselves every day, we will end up having completed a marathon.

Our goal is to create 80 % sustainable collections within the next 2 years. At the beginning of 2020 we are already more than halfway. It’s something we are proud of, but not satisfied with.

Little by little, step-by-step - we promise to continue our journey towards the finish line.


ECOVERO™ is the sustainable version of viscose and the ECOVERO viscose fiber and Trademark is developed by Lenzing Group.

ECOVERO™ comes from sustainable wood and paper mass and is only manufactured from certified and controlled wood sources. ECOVERO™ guarantees up to 50 % less emission and water consumption, compared to regular viscose.

ECONYL® is a 100% regenerated nylon fiber, which is just as strong as virgin nylon. ECONYL® regenerated nylon is made of nylon waste such as fishing nets lost in the seas and recovered by volunteer divers, nets from agriculture or old carpets destined for landfills. In that way ECONYL® regenerated nylon helps to save marine life and at Notes du Nord we want to give our support to them, which is why we have chosen ECONYL® regenerated nylon for our swimwear.

RWS stands for Responsible Wool Standard and the yarn is certified and it is supply chain traceable.

Responsible” means that animal welfare is always considered and respected, it also means environmental care on the farms and a progressive, more sustainable use of the land.

FSC Viscose FSC stands for The Forest Stewardship Council and is a global forest certification system which demands that wood, paper, and other forest products are sourced from well-managed forests and/or recycled materials.

Organic Silk is an environmentally-friendly fabric. It is created without any use of insecticides, pesticides or synthetic fertilizers.

Silk is naturally hypoallergenic and it’s a breathable and thermal fiber, that helps you to balance your body temperature. Our organic silk fabric is certified.

Re-cycled Polyester used at Notes du Nord carry certificates as proof, that it comes from plastic waste of plastic bottles where the recycling of plastic, is converted into polyester fibers. From collecting 4 plastic bottles you can filament them into polyester threads, which can make a regular sized t-shirt.

Sustainable denim uses 70 % less water and emits 60 % less CO2 compared to regular denim. The used water is recycled several times and is filtered and cleaned before it is released out into the environment again.
Sustainable denim only uses ECO friendly chemicals.