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Notes du Nord has created its own take on femininity, shaping a clear modern identity with a strong Nordic vibe for women around the globe. Like a delicate croissant consists of several layers besides what is visible to the naked eye, we know that all women are wonderful whole individuals composed of a variety of distinct roles we play in our lives. Notes du Nord is a brand that aims to strengthen and empower women. We design for women who don’t want to compromise and don’t want to be limited. We shift seamlessly from carefree socialite to serious career woman – from loving mom to sensual lover. Each layer carefully manicured through life’s experiences, creating a beautiful, complex creature that is the modern woman. Notes du Nord creates pieces with impact, whether you’re at home, at work or glamming up for a night out. An attention to detail and exceptional materials, paired with balanced feminine and masculine design codes, defines every Notes du Nord collection.

‘Being a visual person, aesthetics and beauty are essential to me - and I want to empower women, I want us all to feel comfortable and stylish in our own skin’ – Sara Sode